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To Red-Foot or Not a Red-Foot
Posted: 30/12/2014 by Mishelle-Redfoot

     I recently adopted a small red-foot tortoise (well she's actually pretty big, at 8" long and 12" around, with slight pyramiding). Her name is Mishelle or 'Shelly' and the pet store I got her from had he in a glass tank that was a little over half the size of the 10 gallon I got when I though she would be smaller. She's now in a tote that hold 32 gallons, it's about 2 1/2 feet long and a foot wide, but only til i can build her a proper tortoise table. 

     Anyways, she does and doesn't really look like the red-footed tortoise images I've looked up. The spots on top of her head and yellow and yellow-orange and the spot on her legs are the similar shade of a 100 Grand candy bar rapper. Not as red or bright though. 
     And another question for everyone, I feed her a mix of kale, papaya chunks (small enough for easy eating but big enough to make her squish so she doesn't choke), squash (smaller yellow squash), and superworms (man she'll chase those suckers down if they get off her dish). I only feed her a 1/2 cup (everything generally fits in the measuring cup) once every other day. Is this okay or should I be seeking other foods?  
     And what are good vitamin supplements for red-foots? I want to keep her as healthy as possible, and I've done research, but every site says something different.   

It won't let me upload an image.

Re: To Red-Foot or Not a Red-Foot
Posted: 12/03/2015 by absh594

Could be a yellow footed tortoise?


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