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hibernating new turtles
Posted: 28/12/2014 by Patrick Duggan

Hello, we acquired 2 horsfield's in December. They were purchase from a reputable pet store however we were given poor information about tortoises. Do we need to let them hibernate this year? one of them is very active and a big eater the other is very listless. Should we be concerned?

Re: hibernating new turtles
Posted: 28/12/2014 by Tom

Hello Patrick,

So much for the reputation of the pet store, if you were given "poor information."

It's not poss. to give advice without a great deal more info..

You are right to be concerned if one is "listless." There are many probs. with these imported Horsfields.

Can you please let me have as much info. as poss. about them ?
Also please explain, with as much info. as poss., exactly how they are being kept.

The name of the shop & details of their info. as well please ?



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