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My Tortoise doesn't seem to want to hibernate
Posted: 12/12/2014 by WelshLiam

I live In Wales, Britain and usually I would have put my 5yr old tortoise into hibernation now as I have done for the previous three years of owning him however this year he has showed no signs of wanting to go into hibernation as he still wakes up and is active throughout the day even with his UV lamp off and still eats the food I put out for him and was wondering whether I should put him into hibernation or not as I have had some sources tell me that I should let him skip hibernation however I do not know whether this is true. So should I try and put him into hibernation or leave him be and continue looking after him as normal?

Re: My Tortoise doesn't seem to want to hibernate
Posted: 13/12/2014 by Tom

Hello Liam,

I guess that you have him in a warm area in the house.

As he is still feeding, you will need to go through a process of emptying his 'gut', before hibernation.

Click on "The Tortoise / " box & study the hibe. info..
I would hibe. him, as you have done so before & it's a natural process. I'm assuming that he has fed well & grown this year.
Keep careful monthly weight records, if you don't already. There's no better way to monitor his progress.



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