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Further weight loss on wind down
Posted: 25/11/2014 by Carolyn J

Hi Tom , not sure whether to start new thread so you see this . Have just bathed a weighed my two again and starting "week4" of wind down . Sadly they are both still losing weight .Table was down to 14c last night and I've have added more soil and no light/ heat at being added today.

Male had dropped 15g since Saturday ( he was already 0,157 on JR then) and female has dropped 27g since Saturday's weight. Should I carry on with plan above to hibe for just 1 month . They do look a bit slower in themselves today after a cooler night.
Many thanks 

Re: Further weight loss on wind down
Posted: 27/11/2014 by Tom

I think that part of the problem Carolyn, is that your night temp. is quite high,

Perhaps hibe. both for 4 weeks, then feed up & give another 4wks in March, assuming that they are a good weight.

Also at that age I assume that the M is becoming sexually active, if so it would be wise to consider separating them. Fs need to be about 2kg before laying eggs.



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