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Heat light
Posted: 04/11/2014 by IMB750

I have been setting up my tortoise table which I have made. It has 2 floors with a not very steep ramp leading up to the second floor with finials spaced 1 inch apart so she is safe using it. I have fitted the UVB light and the heat light to the underside of the 1st floor so I'm restricted on height adjustment to regulate the heat from the heat light. I took a temperature reading using a 60W spot light and was getting a reading of 35-38 degrees which I believe is to hot for a Horsefield  so I decided to drop the wattage to 40W two days ago. She has seemed a lot less active and generally not as happy so I have taken another themerature and am only getting a reading of around 28 degrees so I've gone back to a 60w. Do you think this is the right decision?? She seems much happier and more active + she has plenty of room so she doesn't need to bask directly under it.

Re: Heat light
Posted: 04/11/2014 by IMB750

Sorry just to add to this the UVB lamp is at the correct height.

Re: Heat light
Posted: 07/11/2014 by Tom

Hello IBM,

I'm not a fan of 2 tier 'tables' but at least it's self made, pet trade models are very expensive. 
However it is better than those tables with silly darkened areas at one end.

Try persisting with the 40W bulb, as the 60W is producing too high a temp.. 
Your tort should become more active after a day or two to adapt.
If not consider drilling holes in the first floor to let some warm air rise.


Re: Heat light
Posted: 08/11/2014 by IMB750

Thank you for the reply.It's Much apriciated the overall temperature in the enclosure is not a problem even with the 60w builb it's averaging around the low 20's so I don't think there is to much danger of over heating the tort would need to get within a 12inch diameter circle under the heat lamp before the temperature starts rising. I have gone for a 2 tear enclosure to make it more interesting for our tort as we can add much more variety of activities using less space in our living room + it looks nice.

Re: Heat light
Posted: 08/11/2014 by Tom

The problem in that case, is that it may not get sufficient exposure to UVA/B.

Re: Heat light
Posted: 09/11/2014 by IMB750

I have a separate UVB bulb on each floor and only 1 heat bulb on the ground floor. It's like Blackpool eluminations in here. Lol

Re: Heat light etc
Posted: 16/11/2014 by Charlacey30

Hi I have just purchased a table home for my tortoise, I did have a viv but read they were no good, I'm cross because I got it from a reptile shop and was assured it was ok for him. The new home came with two bulbs one of which is 60w heat bulb and 5% UVB bulb as where before I had a strip light and heat bulb. Are these correct as I'm a little lost on percentages etc. I've set the UVB on a timer for 12hrs and the heat bulb is on all the time, is this correct? These bulbs are at the end where the top is wired and he also has a separate area at the other end with a wooden lid. Also on diff web sites it's says never leave a water tray in and on others it says to?? Also confused on which substrate I should put down for him as the one I'm using is aspen bed terrain but I notice when he goes to his water tray he takes it with and and it ends up soaking the water?? So many diff answers I'm now really confused. Can anyone please advise

Re: Heat light
Posted: 19/11/2014 by IMB750

I am a novice tortoise keeper as you can probably gather from my previous posts. From my research which I have spent a lot of time doing it seems UV bulbs of 10% are recommend for tortoises. I brought 2 off eBay costing around 13-15 including postage. As for the heat light again what I have read and do it's all about the temperature the tortoise is getting on the top of there shell (not the ground) for my Horsefield it is recommended low 30 degrees. I hope this helps.


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