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Heat light
Posted: 04/11/2014 by IMB750

I have been setting up my tortoise table which I have made. It has 2 floors with a not very steep ramp leading up to the second floor with finials spaced 1 inch apart so she is safe using it. I have fitted the UVB light and the heat light to the underside of the 1st floor so I'm restricted on height adjustment to regulate the heat from the heat light. I took a temperature reading using a 60W spot light and was getting a reading of 35-38 degrees which I believe is to hot for a Horsefield  so I decided to drop the wattage to 40W two days ago. She has seemed a lot less active and generally not as happy so I have taken another themerature and am only getting a reading of around 28 degrees so I've gone back to a 60w. Do you think this is the right decision?? She seems much happier and more active + she has plenty of room so she doesn't need to bask directly under it.


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