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Hermans Tortoise trying to escape his box
Posted: 29/10/2014 by laurarobinson90

Hi all!

I have been given a Hermans Tortoise from a taxi cab driver (I know, WEIRD). We have been feeding him and bathing him when necessary. My partner has had many tortoises and turtles before and we have done research but cant figure out why he is doing this. He is still in the box that we were given as we have no room for a bigger actual tank until we move next month. He have a lamp that keeps him warm as well as a florescent light, but he still tries to escape and always is on the move. He is about 6 years old the Taxi Driver told us. 

Can Anyone help?

Re: Hermans Tortoise trying to escape his box
Posted: 29/10/2014 by Tom

Hello Laura,

Can you post photos of the tortoise in it's set-up please? This will help to assess the problem.


Nov 1st.
In the absence of a reply, the problem is likely to be it's environment, but as it will have a bigger area when you move, that will help.

Also reduce the daylight & time it's under heat.
You state 'tank', it needs to live in a tort. 'table' -plenty of info if you click on the green boxes.

At 6yrs old it could have a full hibernation (5 months).
Once you are sure it's healthy - read up on this site & hibe. it for a few months.
They get fed up indoors at that age.
Plan & build your outdoor enclosure - it needs to be at least 15sqm.



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