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Posted: 20/10/2014 by Specky

Hey, i purchased our darling little effie the herman tortoise last wk, we have bought her a new table & lights as the ones she came with i was not 100% about, im just looking for some general advice as i keep reading various forums & feel a tad confused. Today effie has spent a long time under her basking light. Is this ok? She seems to want to be there which i guess is choice, i am just worried that she is to warm. Will she move if she gets to warm? The over all temp of the table is 23 degrees but thats not directly under the basking light. I have put a pic of our table with this post, please add comments positive of negative about it as im egaer to have her in the best habitat possible. Thanks. Becky

Re: Miss
Posted: 21/10/2014 by Tom


Is "hey" what horses eat?

The 'table' is poorly designed, the spot bulb should be at 90 deg., not 45. The temp. below it should be 20 - 30C.

The covered part at one end could be removed, making space for a rock to climb on & a small hide, etc.

What % UVB is your tube?

It's good to see you've done plenty of reading.



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