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Posted: 18/11/2008 by vicky12

Hello, Im Vicky, I live in Kent and I keep Marginated and Hermans Tortoises, we have 5 torts in total 4 of them are mine and 1 belongs to my daughter.  

We have lots of other pets as well and foster dogs for a animal rescue that is based in South Wales.

Im looking forward to talking to other tortoise owners Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: Hi
Posted: 18/11/2008 by tpgNina

Hi Vicky, and welcome to the TPG! We have several members in Kent, and it would be great to see photos of your torts -- you could post them in the Members Photo Gallery. I love Margies -- especially the adult males with those wonderful flared scutes. I have a Horsfield called Doris, and she is looking forward now to her long winter sleep {g}. I also have an elderly corn snake called Cornelius.
It sounds like you have a lively household with the other pets and the foster dogs. It's great to have you on here, and you'll find we're a friendly group. There's always lots of questions this time of year about hibernation, etc., so feel free to join in.


Re: Hi
Posted: 19/11/2008 by ElaineTPG

Click and drag me down to the editor Vicky, Good to see a new member post. I too live in Kent and have had all my torts out today for a while as the sun was beautiful. I keep T.g.g. and with the weekends forecast I think they will be in winddown before the weekend is out. Is it the no more tears animal rescue in Wales that you foster for?


Re: Hi
Posted: 21/11/2008 by Joanne

Hello Vicky and welcome from me and my two horsfields, Ruby and Lily. Joanne xx


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