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The ark Plymouth
Posted: 12/10/2014 by greendayjlb

I recently got a delightful birthday present my new horsfield Tilly, my husband not knowing any different purchased her from the ark in Plymouth, although I had concerns about importing as such I contacted the ark and requested where there tortoises come from, they provided me with a uk breeder and have left me assured she was captive bred in the uk, there set up in store appears very good as I've been back and had a nose, also the advice sheet that was given matches most of what I've seen on here, I'm still a little concerned that her shell is showing signs of pyramiding so have uploaded a pic of her and have asked on people's opinion, I'll post up the outcome but so far everything seems ok, and at the moment I'm happy with everything 

Re: The ark Plymouth
Posted: 13/10/2014 by greendayjlb

Just an update, I took Tilly to a vet that specialises in reptiles, just incase Nyone in the area is looking pets at home in Plymouth have a vets in store called pet companions he has confirmed that Tilly is in excellent health and that her she'll isnt pyramiding, so relieved, so it seems the ark did all they promised, so not all are bad.

Re: The ark Plymouth
Posted: 13/10/2014 by Tom

All dealers say they're UK bred.

And the breeders name is ? and their email address is?


Re: The ark Plymouth
Posted: 15/10/2014 by greendayjlb

They gave me the phone number of them I did call them, I can only speak for the ark in Plymouth as they were based just outside, I'll see if I can get the email address etc, obviously I can't be 100% yet but I'm working on it, we did visit another pet place yesterday not sure if I can put the name on here, but I was so shocked they had three torts of different species in a viv,with no lights or heat being fed pellets, the "viv" was tiny, more like a very small fish tank, the baby torts were just laying around, I pretended I needed help and after 20 mins spoke to a member of staff, they tried talking me into buying pellets and a heat mat to put in her bed section, they told me if she gets cold at night, even though she is indoors she would go into hibernation, I did advise them re the vivs and was basically told I did t know what I was talking about, what do I need to do about this?, there a huge company a garden centre, but the conditions and advice were appalling there was also snakes, turtles, spiders, all in tiny plastic boxes the tortoises via had condensation running down as it was on top of a turtle tank, it was horrible

Re: The ark Plymouth
Posted: 15/10/2014 by Tom

As I always say - good pet shops don't sell animals.

Why not put the name, if you wish. Sadly not much can be done - it can be very difficult to prove cruelty in Court.
Many garden centres sub-let 'units' to pet dealers.

Which 3 species were on sale ?

Re: The ark Plymouth
Posted: 06/11/2014 by greendayjlb

Endsleigh garden centre in lee mill just outside of Plymouth, I saw hermanns, horsfields and possibly leopards

Re: The ark Plymouth
Posted: 07/11/2014 by Tom

This is a place members should avoid !!

Have you managed to contact the 'breeder' ?

Let us know how you get on.


Re: The ark Plymouth
Posted: 25/03/2015 by bionicbenjy

Hi (I know its from last year but the last bit of this one is worth the bump!)

With regards to The Ark & The Pet Express (same company) in Plymouth/Devon they use local breeders mainly for their livestock, anything that is not local wont be kept, with the exception of the Torquay store.  They have a specialist there who will source from further afield.  But anything that is not captive breed will state on there labels WC/LTC.  

I wont mention a company that used to be based in Plympton that relocated to Cattedown, unless you want to run the risk of poor advise, bad customer service and an infestation of mites as a minimum!

There seems to be a good shop on Exeter Street, Reptile & Aquatic in Plymouth - staff seem to know a fair bit more than your usual 'pet shop specialist' .

The said named garden centre... no longer have a licence to keep reptiles.  It was removed after some very hard work, some investigative work/photos/recordings and the great work that the local authorities and RSPCA do.  But it did take a member of the public to stick there head above the parapet and say something wasn't right. From the information that was gathered, I get the very funny feeling it could result in legal action for them, animal neglect, cruelty and suffering and a long string of other things.  Strangely there recent buyout to wyvern for the whole site at the garden centre!  Still - they wont be given a licence any time soon for there actions!  

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Re: The ark Plymouth
Posted: 07/04/2015 by Wendersp

Useful thread! We are trying to locate a breeder local to plymouth so heat we can be sure of a healthy pet - no luck in the south west - considering buying one from gum tree who's family have lost interest in him :( how can you buy from reputable breeder when there isn't one local ? Thanks for detail  re The Ark!

Re: The ark Plymouth
Posted: 29/03/2017 by Dariusizzle

So is the ARK decided bad? I am considering to get a Hermann from there, but I'm not sure :(

If anyone can provide me info on how to get tortoises in Plymouth/Devon, I would be extremely grateful. (Looking for marginated/Hermann, hatchlings or yearlings) I can't find any breeders that seem to be local, and I might get them delivered from a website or just buy them from the ARK.


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