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Posted: 09/10/2014 by Rachee2004

I am having my step daughters tortoises off her, as she can't afford to keep them , but, they come with a diagnosed pinworm problem ... She says a vet needs to treat them ...  Can't you buy treatment and do it yourself ??  ( I am used to cats and dogs) ... New to tortoises ..   Still babies 1 year old 

Re: Pinworms
Posted: 09/10/2014 by Tom


This can be treated with "Panacur" Equine Paste 18.75% susp.. The dose rate is critical. I suggest that you ask a vet to treat them & ask if you can buy a tube for future treatment by yourself.

NOTE - first have their faeces checked. As they have been treated, they may well be 'clear.' 
Repeat faecal checks in the Spring.



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