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New to owning a tortoise - advice needed
Posted: 30/09/2014 by Cbelle01

Hi all

I need some advice. I've been given a tortoise and want to to my very best in looking after him/her. I've been advised by the previous owner that it doesn't hibernate, is this correct? Does anyone know the breed - any advice is welcome. Currently I have a wooden box/with area with a desk lamp and an area for sleeping. It has a dish for water and sawdust/shavings. Is this a correct set up or do I need other lamps/items?

I am prepared to get whatever is needed, I'm so pleased to bring Him/her into our family but want to give him/her all the things it needs to thrive. 


Thank you in advance

Re: New to owning a tortoise - advice needed
Posted: 02/10/2014 by Tom


You have a Marginated tortoise, a good species for England. It will need an outdoor enclosure of at least 15 sqm eventually, as they grow to about 30cm in length. You can start with something smaller.

This species hibernates, but given it's poor background, you will need to monitor it's progress for some months.

I can see that you will be a very good owner…….. start by clicking on "The Tortoise / Incl….." box & download a Caresheet.

Best wishes,

Re: New to owning a tortoise - advice needed
Posted: 03/10/2014 by Cbelle01

Thank you very much for answering Tom.

I took speedy to the vets today and he is a she and the vet says she's a hermans (?)  although she said she was an unusual colour so wasn't 100%. 

I've also been told she has a soft shell and is underweight with puffy eyes and needs uvb. She's had an X-ray as she has puffiness at the top of her legs. I've brought an arcadia 100w basking and uvb bulb for the clamp as the previous owner used none. I'm hoping I can turn it around for her. I was very upset to hear she wasn't properly cared for previously. She's eating well  though and I've been told to feed her up (speedy is very happy with this and is happily munching away as I type). Any advice anyone can give me for any of her problems is very welcome. I'm new to owing a tortoise but I will make sure she gets a good life from now on.


Re: New to owning a tortoise - advice needed
Posted: 04/10/2014 by sophie123


I've been given a tortoise and am a new owner. I have some questions on hibernating the tortoise as first time going through hibernation.The previous owner has given me a lot of information which has helped very much but i wanted to hear from you guys too.
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Re: New to owning a tortoise - advice needed
Posted: 05/10/2014 by Tom

Hello Claire,

I'm sorry to hear of previous neglect, hopefully she will recover with time.

So you have a 100W uvb basking bulb? this needs to be angled straight down, at the recommended height for max. uvb.

Can you post  few more photos please ? showing how swollen the legs are.

Put a light dusting of "Nutrobal" on her food & a small pot of calcium dust in her pen, other supplements may be necessary. Did you download a TPG Caresheet ?

Which is your nearest town ? I will look for the nearest reptile vet.


Posted: 05/10/2014 by Tom


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