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Lignocel substrate
Posted: 19/09/2014 by HelenCannell

Hi all - lots of excitement in our house today as we're picking up our new hatchling (Chloe) from one of your recommended breeders tomorrow.  Just wanted to ask a quick question about bedding/substrate.  Our tortoise table has two areas, separated by a small ramp.  The lower area will be for UV/Basking etc with an Arcadia lamp and slate and stones underneath.  The rest of the lower area is sterilised topsoil with a bathing feeding area to the side.  However "upstairs" (where she will have her cuttlefish and hide - and probably more water) we were hoping to give Chloe a bit of variety and our local reptile centre recommended Lignocel due to it being virtually dust free.  It looks a bit like sawdust and I'm worried she may digest it. I wondered if anyone was using this and if it is indeed suitable for tortoises (Spur thighed).  Thank you - Helen x

Re: Lignocel substrate
Posted: 24/09/2014 by Tom

Hello Helen,

Don't waste your money on "Lignocel," - reptile shops will sell you lots of things you don't need. For example a large plastic tort 'table' for 10 is as good as a pet trade one for 150.

Well done in buying from a breeder, who I'm sure will have given you lots of good advice.



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