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hibernation questions from newbie
Posted: 31/08/2014 by


I am in contact with a breeder at the moment about getting a hermanns hatchling end of october\start of November. Been looking into this for over a year and now seems the right time so I am pretty excited! :D However I am a little confused over hibernation and the breeder seems very busy so I thought I could get more diversity of opinions quicker from everyone on here. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and reply. It is very much appreciated!

Should I be keeping her (its so pretty it has to be a her haha - unisex name has been picked just incase though haha!) awake for her first winter with me or if she is healthy enough should I be ready to hibernate her? Its a bit of a shock getting her and putting her go sleep not having a clue whether she will be okay but I want to do whats best for the animal and push away my personal feelings about it.

Also if I was to hibernate her this year or next what is the criteria for a healthy tortoise and what kind of fridge do you have to use? If it fits in a normal every day fridge can it go in with all the other food haha? Or does it have to be a seperate one? Also why cant it have a freezer compartment? Does that make it too cold? Also does it have to go in a special box for hibernation when in the fridge and what do you put in with it? Soil? Or just the lone tortoise?

So sorry for all the questions I just want to know I am completely organised and ready for when I am able to go and collect her!

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Re: hibernation questions from newbie
Posted: 01/10/2014 by TONY the russian


I am far from being an expert.
I'm a beginner myself.
But to allay your fears a little.
I'm pretty sure (I've done a lot of reading) that not only do you NOT HAVE TO hibernate your tortoise at such a young age (or according to some 'at any age' - the jury seems to be out on the argument as far as I can tell and there are two poles of opinion), but when the people who know start answering they will tell you that it's best to wait until you feel comfortable with the idea.

DON'T TAKE MY WORD. Wait for them to answer. But I'm pretty sure ;)

I might be hibernating for the first time this year and though fairly comfortable with the thought I'm still terrified.


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