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Hibernation and Company
Posted: 12/08/2014 by Lisa_Lou_8

Dear All,

I am looking to get some advice regarding my spur-thighed tortoise.  He is 18 this month and I am sorry to say I may need to re-home next year due to increased traveling.  I have an uncle who already has a tortoise and would like company for him (he's at least 60, the tortoise not my uncle) and it was given to him by a family member many years ago so he has no idea what breed.  However my first question is would two male tortoises be ok together or could they potentially fight and injure each other, I'm pretty sure I have read this in the past?

My second question is, as a child I was so scared my tortoise would die during hibernation due to all he horror story's I was told. He was purchased from a licensed reptile keeper who worked at a zoo and he informed me that if I kept him hot all year he would not hibernate, he lives in a large vivarium and I have done just that for 18 years!  I am now worried that if he did go to my uncle and he hibernates he might die as he is not used to it, I wonder if someone could tell me if this is right?

I also think now that I am older that I have probably shortened his life span by not hibernating so if I can it would make me so happy!  It may also mean that I wouldn't need to re-home him which would be fantastic :-)  But if I have to I really would like to keep him in the family as I know he would be well looked after.

Many thanks

Re: Hibernation and Company
Posted: 12/08/2014 by Tom

Hello Lisa,

If you can post some good pics of  your uncle's tort., it should be possible to determine the species. Do you know which species your tortoise is? It is important that species are not mixed.

Regardless of species, I'm afraid there is a good chance that they would fight, but if they are the same species, there is no harm in introducing them under supervision. Even if there is a small fight & one retreats, you may be lucky, in that with one dominant & one submissive fights are few & quickly over.

Having joined this Group, I expect that you are now aware that vivariums should not be used. I assume it largely lives outside from April to October.

Hibernation is a natural process for torts. from temperate regions & not to be feared. There is quality information on the subject in "The Tortoise/Incl…." box on the left.

Good Luck,


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