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New Horsefield Tortoise
Posted: 06/08/2014 by Tortoise97


I bought a Horsefield tortoise yesterday and have a few questions. 

As of yet I have not seen him drink out of his water bowl and I am worried he is dehydrated. I gave him a bath yesterday and will do so again tonight however I haven't seen him wee yet. 

Also, I feed him the food the same size as his body. Right now he has a diet of red leaf lettuce and rocket lettuce. Despite feeding him he still seems to be hungry but I don't want to over feed. Am I doing that correctly?

I've seen him scratch at corners of the tortoise table and he doesn't like to be handled. I am worried he does not like me or if he he is just settling in and getting used to me.

Thank you. 

Re: New Horsefield Tortoise
Posted: 07/08/2014 by Tom


May I ask it's age, where you bought it & what advice were you given ?

Based on the above I will try to help. It's good that you have a tortoise table.


Re: New Horsefield Tortoise
Posted: 10/08/2014 by Tom

In the absence of a reply……

It will drink when it's thirsty.

"Food the same size as his body" - bodies are three dimensional. You are unlikely to overfeed it, if your temperature regime is correct. You can download a free Care Sheet from the box on the left.

Well done for using a tort. table. You mention scratching - has he got a deep layer of garden soil to dig into ?

If you bought it from a pet trader - these animals are usually imported & have suffered before purchase, so don't take rejection personally. They are, in any case, an animal which is best observed & not over-handled.

Let us know how things go…… & I'd still like to know where you got it, as you should have been given quality written advice.

Good luck,


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