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horsefield not eating
Posted: 22/07/2014 by carolynn68


my horsefield is approximately 4 years old and lives with another who was purchased at same time.

However , i have not seen him eat lately and he will not take food of me. He is active when out and shows interest in my other tortoise ( trying to mate with him) Both are male.

However his mouth looks a little strange not sure if they have been fighting .

Regards Carolynn

Re: horsefield not eating
Posted: 22/07/2014 by Tom


How exactly are you keeping them ?
In what way does his mouth look strange ?
Have they been fighting in the past.


Re: horsefield not eating
Posted: 24/07/2014 by Don

At 4 yrs old, it is almost impossible to tell the gender of a tortoise.

I would be surprised if a 4yr old tortoise would try to mate, they do not mature until around 8yrs.

Where and when did you get these animals from? I would suggest that if a supposed 4yr old were trying to mate, then whoever sold you this tortoise may have sold you one much older than they stated.

Disreputable traders with no idea of what they are doing, apart from making a tidy profit, will make any claim to secure a sale.

That includes selling two tortoises so they have companionship. Tortoises are solitary animals, they do not need a companion and two males will almost certainly fight. These battles, usually over territory, dominance or a female can involve butting, attempts to turn over the opponent and biting.

If they are fighting, you will need to separate them.


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