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Sterilised soil is recommended
Posted: 18/07/2014 by Animalia


Im based in the uk, Nottingham. I was wondering where could I get Sterilised soil from, iv read that you recommend it. At the moment I'm using Tortoise Life which is Soil and Sand mixed together, do you think I'll be fine on this? I have a horsefield, at the moment hes outside in the lovely weather I was thinking for his inside enclosure.


Re: Sterilised soil is recommended
Posted: 19/07/2014 by Tom


Well done for having the good sense to keep him outside.

Unless your soil has problems, there is no reason to sterilise it. Save time & money.

The advice to use sterilised soil is, I think, given so that keepers give some thought as to where they obtain it. In many gardens there is the odd area which might be fouled, e.g. below a bird roost.

Soil can be sterilised in an oven.

By the way the TPG is UK based.


Re: Sterilised soil is recommended
Posted: 24/07/2014 by Don

Screened & sterilized soil is available from most good garden centres, but it can be expensive.

Homebase sell it in the usual 25ltr bag at 3.99


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