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Posted: 12/07/2014 by champness

I have had mindy for 15years and I believe her to be 80+ recent years she has struggled a bit after hibernation but improved after antibiotics this year then having discovered that she had a high burden of worms she was wormed since then she has been more lethargic and not eating without encouragement she is having soaks twice daily she has been xrayed and has no egg problems could it be the wormer or is that a red herring?

Re: spurthighed
Posted: 17/07/2014 by Tom


*Red herrings are not a recommended food.

Can you give full details of how she is kept please ?

Is the vet experienced with torts.. ? If so I suggest that you discuss the lethargy with him/her.

Even at 80+, your tort should be ok after hibernation. Perhaps your method needs modifying a bit. Click on "The Tortoise / Inc. Care Sheets" box.


*just a 'leg pull.'


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