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Horsefield Tortoise - rain?
Posted: 10/07/2014 by Animalia

Hello I have recently acquired a Russian Tortoise from a old couple who didn't want him anymore. I have upgraded his indoor enclosure (3x2 table) to a 6x4 foot table, which I made. I work 9-6, 5 days a week and my partner takes him outside for a hour a day to get some natural sunshine before he goes work at 11am. He has everything he needs indoors, but now the weather is warming up I would like to make him a outdoor enclosure for him in the garden. I'm well aware they like to dig and climb, so it will be well built with a lid, ect ect.  

My routine at the moment is that, he gets fed in the morning and his heat and lights come on at 9am and go off at 9pm. Our house at the moment don't drop below 20C at night, so I have switched his heat off completely at night. 

If I was to build an outdoor enclosure he would be put in it roughly at 11am and taken out at 7pm (when I get home from work) put back in his indoor closure for a few hours of heat before they switch off.... Does this sound okay?

I know horsefields don't like humidity, but what if it starts to rain whilst im at work? Will he okay until I get back? What about the humidity? ... Of course he'll have a box to go in and the enclosure will be made  to drains quickly, and I will look out for forecast rain on the weather channel. I'm just worried about respiratory problems.

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Thanks in advance for replies

Re: Horsefield Tortoise - rain?
Posted: 10/07/2014 by Tom


You're doing well so far, although the light could be on for less time.
They are ok with temps much lower than 20C overnight.

Yes outside is by far the best place in summer. The BBC online weather forecast is very good & links to your postcode.
You could rig up a tent like structure in polythene, for wet days. Check out some garden centres as lots of 'stuff' of this type is available - also online.

Experiment with a small pen this year, & get your tort out asap. Don't worry about light showers, while you're at work. Don't forget the can 'dig out.' Bury some slates, or similar horizontally, around the perimeter.



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