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Found Tortoise
Posted: 11/06/2014 by gazalpha

Hello everyone I would like some advice. We found a Hermans tortoise. It was in our neighbours garden and we have asked around the neighbourhood but not found anyone who has lost a tortoise yet. We found him saturday morning. We live on quite a busy road so we’ve been keeping him in our back garden where he seems quite happy and have been putting him in our summer house at night in an open sided box with top soil after reading something here. 

We've been to the local vets to be checked for microchips and run a UV lamp over his shell but nothing that indicates who owns him. I have also emailed the people recommended here and have more local vets to contact. Any other advice on how best to find his home would be appreciated. 

Also any tips on how to look after him while he's with us would also be greatly appreciated. He seems to be eating ok as far as I can tell and drinking ok with prompting. Last couple of days he's had full run of the garden as it's been 22 degrees plus from about 8am till about 5pm where he takes himself off in to the bushes and settles down. I have then been taking him into the summer house for the night to protect against foxes and rats. 

Should I have a heat lamp in the summer house for the night? My brother has one I can borrow easily enough. 

Honestly all advice appreciated. He's an amazing creature I spent most of yesterday watching him roam our garden. Really don't want to do him any harm.   

Thanks in advance. 

Re: Found Tortoise
Posted: 12/06/2014 by Tom


It is very unlikely to have travelled far, so I suggest that you make some eye-catching notices & put them around the local area.

I assume that your garden is escape proof.

No heat or light is needed at night.

For advice click on the box on the left titled "The Tortoise / Incl. Care Sheets." Look at photos on the site to determine the species or post photos of it.


Re: Found Tortoise
Posted: 12/06/2014 by gazalpha

Thanks Tom, very helpful. I believe he's a Hermanns. Will put some posters up as you suggest. 


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