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Posted: 10/06/2014 by beanie1

Hi, please can somebody advise me? I have 2 male Horsfield tortoises. Both seem to be in good physical health but I am not certain they are happy. They are each kept in their own large vivarium with the correct infra red lights and ultra violet strip light. They are kept on wood chip substrate (confused about this as some say it is ok, others say it isn't). I have tried soil (what a mess) and it did not work out for them. They also have straw bedding which they like to sleep under. However they either sleep most of the time and only come out to feed OR they are tearing at the walls of their vivariums desperate to get out. I usually let them out to wander in the house if they want to. But one in particular seems to find it hard to settle down after this. I do not have tortoise tables (no space for them) nor outdoor runs. Am I looking after them correctly or should I let them go. I would be horribly upset but want what is best for the animals. I am also getting older and my husband is 66 this year. I know tortoises live a very long time so I want the best for them. Please could you offer some advice? Thanks SUE

Posted: 12/06/2014 by Tom

Hello Sue,

They are "desperate to get out" because they are not housed correctly.
Vivariums are not suitable for torts..
It's Summer!! & they should be outside in a 5 x 3 metre enclosure if they are 5 or more years old.

Click on the green box titled "TheTortoise / Incl. Care Sheets.

Sadly it would appear that re-homing would be the kindest thing course of action.



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