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What am i doing wrong
Posted: 06/06/2014 by catherine louise

Hi I have applied to rehome but with no success,any advice would be appreciated,i have a horsefield already called bob,he has access to a large garden and access to the garage where he can go into his box,his box has heat and light and his substrate is top soil,he feeds on weeds,flowers and occasional romaine lettuce,i grow my own weeds and flowers for him,i have always brought him in at night because of foxes etc but lately I have been leaving him out and he then puts himself to bed,i give him a warm soak every night and he always has plenty of water and food,can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?if they did not get along and were fighting I have a big enough garden to accommodate them both and could easily partition it off so they are both happy,please help as I feel I have a good home to offer,

Re: What am i doing wrong
Posted: 16/06/2014 by catherine louise

Hi tom,is there anything you can advise on the above please?


Re: What am i doing wrong
Posted: 24/07/2014 by Don

Here's my estimation of your situation.

You already have a Horsfield (male). As different species cannot be mixed, this limits you to another Horsfield. However, you have a male, thus another male is out of the question. They would fight over territory and dominance.

A female would be hounded by your male to mate. If the female is unreceptive, there will be trouble. Even if the female is receptive, she will not want to mate repeatedly, the male will. Again there will be trouble. Butting, biting and attempts to turn the female onto her back will ensue.

Then there is the problem of still more tortoises bred in captivity to be found homes. If all the young are males, there would be Armageddon in your garden, if all females, the male, their father, will try to mate with them all and the females may also battle for territory and dominance. So you could not keep them yourself.

I'm sure your intentions are good, but your situation is less than ideal. 

Re: What am i doing wrong
Posted: 28/07/2014 by catherine louise

Thank you for your reply,as i said my garden is big enough to seperate them which is what i have done,i have bought some hatchlings who are being kept away from my older tortoise,they have there own indoor and outdoor enclosures,i just wanted to offer a good home to a tortoise that needed one which is why i applied to rehome.I know as they get older and we find out the sex then no doubt i will have to seperate again and i am aware of the problems that can arise,again there is plenty of room for them all to live happily with everything they need and if that means on there own then so be it.


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