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Eaten a big stone please help
Posted: 21/05/2014 by Colin''s mum

Hi I have a baby horsefield, Colin, I was sitting in the garden with him as he was wandering about and he picked up quite a large stone I went over to him to take it off him but just as I went to grab him, he (and I don't know how) stuffed the whole thing in his mouth, it was so large that he tried to spit it out, but couldn't I started to panic, he pulled his head in with his mouth open and started to choke, I was obviously trying to grab the stone with my fingers to pull it out but couldn't as Colin's mouth was to small, I grabbed him and ran upstairs and put him on my dresser and grabbed my tweezers I was trying to reach in his mouth, but he pulled his head in and refused to open his mouth, I was literally hysterical by now, the neighbours must of thought someone was being murdered, he closed his eyes and I thought oh My god he's going to die! I ran back down stairs jumped in the car and raced to the vets, I ran in crying and quickly explained and they whisked him away into the back and put him straight on oxygen, ten minutes later the vet came out and said he appears fine, I was puzzled but also very relieved I asked for X-rays, they did an x ray and said there was nothing showing up on the X-rays, I just don't believe it, he said they had X-rayed his whole body ( all 3 inches of it) and no sign of anything. I am just not convinced and I am going to take him another vets in the morning for another set of X-rays, I just wondered if there is any chance that a stone may not show up, any help would be much appreciated as I am going out of my mind with worry,  I don't mind going to the vets and paying for any treatment or making myself look an idiot as long as Colin is ok. Thank you in advance x

Re: Eaten a big stone please help
Posted: 22/05/2014 by Tom


The stone would be seen on the x-ray. 
You say you became "hysterical" & presumably the stone came out at some point while you were rushing around, or in the car, or at the vets.
Was the stone white ? If so this indicates the need for more calcium. A small of "Nutrabol" or "Vionate" should be dusted on it's food. Keep the tub in the fridge. 

It seems from what you say, that your tort doesn't have an outdoor enclosure. It's not good to let it wander while you watch. They need their own space. 

Summer is here & it could be out most of the time, if you add a waterproof house.



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