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outdoor enclosure
Posted: 19/05/2014 by catherine louise

Hi my tortoise has the run of a large garden and he can enter the garage via a small ramp into his tort box,it is all set up light,heating substrate etc,is a garage suitable for him,he also has an indoor box,i bring him in at night.

Thank you

Re: outdoor enclosure
Posted: 20/05/2014 by Tom

Hello Catherine,

A garage can be useful in the way you describe & clearly you've made every effort to offer a variety of housing, depending on the weather. I assume that the garage is devoid of vehicles.

If you are happy to give more details, eg. species, age, etc of your tortoise, I can possibly make a few suggestions.


Re: outdoor enclosure
Posted: 21/05/2014 by catherine louise

Hi tom,thank you for your reply,i have applied to rehome and just wanted to make sure that the garage was suitable and I am doing everything right,there is no car in there just general household things and a washer and freezer.My tortoise is a horsefield called bob I have had him for 5 years.

regards catherine

Re: outdoor enclosure
Posted: 24/05/2014 by Tom

Just to add - a small poly-tunnel would be a good addition, as would a waterproof house.

If rehoming, note that 2 males will fight ferociously. Equally you need several females to one male at maturity, even so Bob may need to be kept separately for most of the time.

Best wishes,

Re: outdoor enclosure
Posted: 04/06/2014 by catherine louise

Hi tom,

            i don't seem to be having any luck rehoming,i have my own tortoise and he is fighting fit and doing everything he should,as explained above he has a large garden and access to a secure garage where his box is with topsoil,heat light etc,he comes and goes as he pleases yet i am being told that my outdoor enclosure is not suitable?i would appreciate any advice you can give as i do not know what else i should be doing.

Re: outdoor enclosure
Posted: 17/07/2014 by catherine louise

Hi tom,i was not succesful in rehoming(still not sure why) as i have everything in place,i have now bought 2 hatchlings and obviously am keeping them seperate from bob my older tort,i have built seperate enclosures so there is no problem of them meeting,would you suggest i keep the babies in at night as i think they are to young to stay out?they are out during the day.


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