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wood chips or soil?
Posted: 18/05/2014 by sheldon

Hi, I'm confused over the best substrate to use for Sheldon the horsfield. We have been using beechwood chips, very easy to spot clean, and he seems to enjoy digging down in them but of late has been eating some (and passing them). So today went to b and q to get some topsoil instead. This was full of stones assorted shredded wood ( sharper than the beech chips) shredded plastic and at least one piece of broken glass so Have gone back to wood chips.

HELP, am now confused what to use for the best

Re: wood chips or soil?
Posted: 21/05/2014 by Mozla


I used to buy wood chips but was advised to change to soil and sand mix. The woodchips I hear, can be a fire hazard under the heat lamp and as you say it is not good for tortoises to eat.

I buy sand/soil mixture bags specifically for tortoises from Pets at Home. They normally have an offer if you buy 2 bags. Not only is it clean, it doesn't have any bits in it and is ok for tortoises to eat. I would recommend spraying it periodically with water as it can dry out and become dusty. It may be a more expensive option, but a safe one.

Hope this helps

Re: wood chips or soil?
Posted: 21/05/2014 by sheldon

Thanks for that got some today, looks really good and Sheldon seems to like it.


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