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Sulcata Hatchling Egg Stuck to Shell
Posted: 16/05/2014 by Alesia75

I have a clutch of 15 Sulcata Eggs that have started hatching. The first egg pipped on day 87. Three others have since begun hatching but, have not come out completely. The first one has had all 4 legs and its head out for about 36 hours now. It moves around some dragging the bottom shell around with it. The bottom shell is still attached to the yolk sac. My concern is the top part of the shell. It seemed to just be resting on its back. However, it isn't falling off. After closer inspection, it appears to be stuck. Almost like it's imbedded into the shell. Is this normal? I have had one Red Foot hatchling and it did not have this issue. But, this is my first Sulcata. Any suggestions? Should I try to get the top shell off?

Re: Sulcata Hatchling Egg Stuck to Shell
Posted: 16/05/2014 by Tom


Yes gently remove it, if necessary by taking small pieces, with 'tweezers'.

Try removing a small piece of the lower part of the shell, so that you can see the size of the yolk sac. It may have been absorbed, if so you can similarly remove it.

You are quite right to have been patient, many people rush in & find that they regret it.



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