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Posted: 08/05/2014 by Linzi


I am hoping to get a pet tortoise soon I have wanted one for years. I have been researching as I want to create a happy home. I am struggling to find out if the Hermann tortoise are happiest living alone or in a pair. I don't want to ask a supplier as I'm worried they will just say a pair if they think I'll buy two! Can anyone help? I am more than happy to have one, but I want him to be happy so if he need a companion that's what I will do - Many Thanks

Re: companions
Posted: 10/05/2014 by Tom

Hello Linzi,

Two females do very well together & are 100 times more interesting than keeping one.
You can't keep one male with a female, as sexual behaviour is persistent & can be aggressive.
Two males, if raised together usually live happily together & are similarly more interesting.
 Sex is determined by incubation temperature & if accurately measured is quite accurate with Hermanns, but not guaranteed.
When you say "a supplier,"if by this you mean a retailer, I would say avoid at all costs!! Be careful online as flashy names are meaningless, for example "Centre" can mean massive importer. Be sure to buy from a UK breeder.



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