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Posted: 05/05/2014 by sue1960

Hello all, I am new here, I brought her a horse field tortoise about a month ago and not sure if I am looking after well or not, can anyone help, I put her in warm water every day she is eating well. She loves being in the garden when it's warm and sunny, she is a great joy to watch eating and walking about 

Re: Tortoise
Posted: 06/05/2014 by Tom

Hello Sue,

She needs a large enclosure outside & a waterproof wooden house. Bring her indoors at night & in very wet weather, but haze / cloud / sunshine & showers are fine for her to be out in. 
I note that you are feeding weeds, that's good.
Click on the box titled "The Tortoise / inc. Care Sheets", for lots more info..



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