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hi everyone
Posted: 11/11/2008 by evonne

Posted: 11/11/2008 by evonne

Hi All

Just to say Hi , my computer has been broken for a while so I have been out off touch.  Our little babies are doing great we got from Helen!!!!  Aaron has called them Rock and Star.  We have taken some great pictures but I am unable to load them, we are getting a new computer soon.  The whole family thinks it is great looking after the new arrivals and they are alot off work but we all enjoy bathing them and looking for fresh weeds for them to eat.  I am enjoying them so much I am thinking about getting more in the summer.  We have not had any problems so far and i hope it says like that, I am not as worried about them now I am used to them.  We they first arrived I was getting up during the night a few times to check on them!!!!!  They are very active now during the day and enjoy feeding time, they can more very quickly when they see there food coming!!!  It is so funny to watch.  hope you all are doing well.

Evonne and aaron

Re: hi everyone
Posted: 12/11/2008 by Debi

Hello chaps, i was wondering if you had got your new friend yet, nice to know your all doing well. Every one on the site has been really helpfull to us, as were first timer tortoise owners as well, it has been a great help when ever i get worried about anything, which is most days ....

Our little chap is called Mr Brown and he's a two year ols Hermans.... I didn't think you get so attached to a tortoise, but it feels like  he has taken over my life as well as my kitchen ( he lives in doors at the moment)...

Hope all goes well with your new additions....

P.S .. We also have a son called Aaron,but he's a little older than yours...27...

Kind regards



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