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Hi Everyone
Posted: 11/11/2008 by evonne

Hi All

Just to say Hi , my computer has been broken for a while so I have been out off touch.  Our little babies are doing great we got from Helen!!!!  Aaron has called them Rock and Star.  We have taken some great pictures but I am unable to load them, we are getting a new computer soon.  The whole family thinks it is great looking after the new arrivals and they are alot off work but we all enjoy bathing them and looking for fresh weeds for them to eat.  I am enjoying them so much I am thinking about getting more in the summer.  We have not had any problems so far and i hope it says like that, I am not as worried about them now I am used to them.  We they first arrived I was getting up during the night a few times to check on them!!!!!  They are very active now during the day and enjoy feeding time, they can more very quickly when they see there food coming!!!  It is so funny to watch.  hope you all are doing well.

Evonne and aaron


Re: Hi Everyone
Posted: 11/11/2008 by tpgAli

Hi you two,

Great to hear the little ones are doing so well Click and drag me down to the editor Helen is just back from the Galapagos Islands and im sure she will be pleased to read they are both fine. Horsfields really are the best tortoises in my opinion as they have so much character and yes they really do run when they see the food <g>

Thanks for the update



Re: Hi Everyone
Posted: 12/11/2008 by tpgadmin

Hi Evonne

It's great to hear from you and to know that your babies are doing so well.  I love the names Rock and Star.  They sound as if they have found an excellent home with you - are they in Aaron's bedroom yet?

I've just got back from my hols yesterday and I've some great pictures to upload of torts in the wild, but like you, I have computer problems so it might be a while before I can upload them - you'll be shocked when you see the size of the wild torts compared to Rock andStar as they really are huge Click and drag me down to the editor

Take care


Re: Hi Everyone
Posted: 12/11/2008 by tpgadmin

Yep I'm here Ali.

I just need to sort my PC out now.  I think you and Evonne sent what ws wrong with yourt PC's over to mine <vbg>.

It's so cold here compared to the Galapagos.  I've been frozen all day despite the sun shining here in Yorksire.  I've been wrapped up with loads of layers of clohes and I'm still cold Click and drag me down to the editor



Re: Hi Everyone
Posted: 12/11/2008 by evonne

Hi Helen,


Hope you had a good holiday, I thought you were due back about now.  We just cleaned the tortoise box out tonight and yes they are in Aarons room it is nice and cozy in there.  As I said they are doing great and we have had no problems.  They got weighted yesterday and they have put on a little more weight than they should have the big one put on 5grms and the little one 4grms within 4 weeks, I am going to keep an eye on the weight but they eat most when they are outside, they enjoy going out for some fresh air and we have had some nice bright days.  I am looking forward to sharing my pictures with you all. 

Evonne and Aaron


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