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horsefield no certificate
Posted: 22/11/2013 by ya dad

Hi , I am currently looking to buy a tortoise and rang a local reptile shop. They said they have 4" horsefields in and they don't come witha certificate , is this correct or do they need reporting , if so who do I tell thanks lee

Re: horsefield no certificate
Posted: 22/11/2013 by Tom

Hello Lee,
Well done for being prepared to act.
As it happens sadly they don't need a Certificate. Avoid Horsfields - they may be cheap, but they are imported in awful conditions.
The main thing is to buy from a breeder, even if it means waiting. You will avoid huge vet bills, or worse. The three species which do well in the UK are Spur-thighed, Marginated & Hermann's, these can live a semi-natural life outside for much of the Summer.
Beware of online pretend 'breeders'. It is essential to check that the "Country of Origin" is UK on A10 Certificates.


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