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Hamm (German Reptile Fair)
Posted: 03/11/2008 by tpgAli

Working with other UK & German animal welfare organisations, the Tortoise Protection Group were asked to send a representative along to the Hamm Reptile Fair in March of this year, to view & report on the conditions at these fairs. The following videos include footage taken at the fairs which some may find disturbing. The content of the videos speak for themselves.
It has been reported on other forums that a number of the animals purchased at the last two fairs died before they even reached the UK.

Re: Hamm (German Reptile Fair)
Posted: 05/11/2008 by Joanne

Those videos are very sad :( Seeing those poor animals in, what looked like, take-away cartons was awful. The way the animals were handled was also very disturbing. I try to avoid watching videos like this as I know how upset I get but curiosity got the better of me. I was fine until I saw the tortoises and then the tears started to fill my eyes. Very sad but obviously a regular occurance for these poor animals.

Joanne xx

Re: Hamm (German Reptile Fair)
Posted: 13/11/2008 by vivtpgadmin

I agree the videos were very sad, and hopefully it brings it home to everyone just what these poor reptiles have to endure, hopefully people will think twice before going to such an event.

I must say though I was very proud to see our TPG name in the credits at the end, well done to all that brought it to our attentionClick and drag me down to the editor



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