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new outdoor enclosure
Posted: 27/08/2013 by KateR

We spent yesterday sorting an outdoor enclosure for our tortoise-to-be. It's not totally finished - needs more soil/sand, and the weed membrane needs trimming. I've got a wooden house coming too. And we have mesh for the top for protection.

We dug out the turf, put down sand for drainage, then put down wire mesh to prevent digging out, then the weed-suppressing membrane. The plants are lavender, rosemary, dahlia, hebe and coreopsis.

Any thoughts, improvements needed, things to add etc?

Re: new outdoor enclosure
Posted: 07/09/2013 by Tom

What species is the "tortoise-to-be"?
Why deploy the weed membrane?
What is the green area around the enclosure?


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