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Preparation outdoor enclosure
Posted: 23/08/2013 by Nessylou

Hi, just looking for tips and advice.

We hope to adopt 1/2 Hermans Tortoises and are in the stage of reading everything and planning an outdoor enclosure. We are constructing and area in our garden for veggie patches (raised and with sides) that will be enclosed but with no roof/mesh roof. It will be about 6 by 4/5 meters.

My plan was to make a further enclosure in this area, of maybe 2/3 meters by 1/2 meters to keep our tort in (with interesting terrine/weeds ET al) with a chicken wire cover so he/she is safe while we are at work or out. But then to let our tort roam the outer veggie patch enclosure whenever we are home.

Is this ok? We want our tort to have lots of space and stimuli but be safe as we do get Red Kites and have 2 dogs so we need the two fold enclosure system to be extra safe.

We have been reading all the care sheets and enclosure info on the Tortoise Trust site too and just want to get it right before we apply to adopt any other ideas or sites to reads each would be great xx


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