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1st time hiberbation - which month?
Posted: 19/08/2013 by KerryFred

This will be the first time i hibernate Fred my adult spur thighed tortoise and i have read alot of advice. I plan to use the box method as we have a secure garage. At the moment Fred lives in a secure area of the garden and is a happy little man. I weighed him yestterday and he was 1310g and 18.5cm, this is a good weight by the jackson ratio. What month is best to start the wind down? Will Fred naturally become slower and eat less? At the mo he is greedy and eats and sunbathes pretty much from 9-4pm when he then returns to his wooden house.
This is the first time i have hibernated as i found Fred in April in the middle of a country road, went to the police, advertised but no one came forward.

Re: 1st time hiberbation - which month?
Posted: 20/08/2013 by Tom

Living outside, he will slow down & eat less & eventually stop feeding. Yes, your assumptions are correct.
At some point in mid to late October, the time will come & you will, I think, become aware of it.
It is entirely weather dependent, but don't rush to box him up. The garage needs to be car free. A max/ min thermometer is essential.


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