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Pet ?!
Posted: 18/08/2013 by Lauthaw

Hmmm ok so looking into having a toitoise as a family pet , would never commit to this without huge research lol as it would hopefully out live me and needs the proper care , in the shops online they all pretty much recommend a table / fish tank thing , I've also see one for sale with a hamster cage - on here I've read a lot about outside space and inside only for short periods ! I'm confused - we have a huge shed and green house , plenty of garden for an outside house / run/ shelter but would worry that it wouldn't be safe at night . Also ice read somewhere that dew or wetness can damage the shell , any advice would be hugely appreciated . Thanks

Re: Pet ?!
Posted: 19/08/2013 by Tom

For inside you need an open top box, known as a tortoise table. These you can buy, make, or utilise an old drawer or similar. Details of light / heat can be found on this site. An outside run needs to be wooden sided. A green house (or part of) is great in bad weather. Garden sheds are not suitable for torts. You are worried about "it" at night, easy - take it in. Dew,etc, does not damage the shell.
Take your time & work your way through the green boxes on the left & their sub-headings.


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