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Hibernation age
Posted: 15/08/2013 by hut407

Hi sorry to bother you all I have a two year old horsfield tortoise and some people have started to nib ate them from the age of 1. I have had a look but people are starting from the age of 4??? Can any body tell me if she is too young etc???? If she is and I have to keep her awake through the winter shall I purchase a night Heater for her as my house gets very cold??? Sorry I am new to this. Really appreciate your hep!

Re: Hibernation age
Posted: 16/08/2013 by Tom

Hello 407,
Yes, provided the tort is healthy, it can be hibernated. Click on the green box on the left & you will find the sub-section titled "hibernation". In the wild, this coming winter would be it's 3rd winter.
I suggest a maximum of 3months as it's your 1st time. As your house gets v. cold, you will need to be careful about daytime temperatures during the winter, when your tort. is not hibernating.


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