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Posted: 13/08/2013 by KateR

Hi, I've just registered. I've always wanted a tortoise since I was a kid and am now starting to seriously look into getting one. From what I have read so far a Hermanns seems the most sensible option (a Sulcata would be a pipe dream but I know it's unrealistic).

We live in Leeds and have an enclosed back garden. We do have a pond but it is reasonably raised and we'd make sure the tortoise had no access to it. For the indoor part would a conservatory be suitable? It is south facing so gets very hot in the summer, and does get cold in the winter but presumably that would be less of a concern given that the tortoise would be hibernating elsewhere (or depending on the temperature could it be kept in there?).

We already use Holly House for our rats and are well known there and get on well with the staff. We do grow some of our own veg for the rats anyway - kale is very good for them.

I would prefer a rescue if possible.

Re: hello
Posted: 13/08/2013 by KateR

Oh and would you recommend insurance?


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