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No poo 3 weeks!
Posted: 17/07/2013 by AnnawithNutmegMarginated

My partner and I have a very poorly little girl. She was taken to the vets once out of her usual hibernation period and refused foods but drank plenty. It was found at the vets she was blind, due to the temperature dropping too low around her. An emergency x-ray was done and showed her to be perfectly fine inside. Since then, she got alot better, ate plenty and a wide variety of foods. However my partner and I left her at his mums for two weeks whilst we were away. She ate as usual, bathed plenty and and had lots of walks in the garden, supervised of course. She however did not poo for this entire time and has not since coming back to us. She continues to eat plenty and drink lots throughout the day. She was taken to the vets last night who gave her an enema. No sign of any poo yet. Starting to worry as she has become unusually sluggish and seeks corners to hide in and fall asleep as much as we try to get her to walk she seems very miserable about doing so. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Nutmeg the Marginated, Anna and Rich :) x.


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