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Hibernation help!
Posted: 20/10/2008 by daggers13

I recently aquired a hermanns tortoise (ALAN) which is just over a year old i built it a great 2x6 indoor enclosure which it loves wondering round. The pet shop it came from said that some people these days do not hibernate there tortoises at all. Is there any truth in this? I have a great number of books which have mixed opions help! Also does anyone know a good tortoise vet in the bedfordshire area so i can have my tortoise sexed by a pro?

Re: Hibernation help!
Posted: 20/10/2008 by ElaineTPG

Hi and Click and drag me down to the editor to the TPG. Many people do not hibernate there tortoises BECAUSE the pet shops tell them not to, along with the 'they do not go out side until they are 5yrs'. What determines whether a tortoise hibernates or not is the species (as not all hibernate) Hermanns DO. Their health, if they have had any health issues it is best to avoid hibernationuntil the next year. Their weight, do they have enough body mass to keep them going through a winter? And how long you have had the tortoise for. If you have recently aquired this tortoise from a pet shop and it IS a year old I would personally overwinter it for the first year as you have no way of knowing what the past year has been like for Alan. As for sexing it by a pro. don't waste your money because they need to be about 3/4 years of age before they develope enough to be able to judge this, sometimes longer. It is how ever good to be aware of a reptile vet near you just incase. If Alan was bought via a pet shop you may want to take a faecal sample to your vets to have it checked for worms as many petshop tortoises are found to have a gut load of these (which are invisable to the naked eye). Please take the time to browse our site, you will find the Hermann care sheet under The Tortoise, also information on hibernation (to prepare yorself for next year) also a list of recommended vets.

Hope this helps and look forward to any more questions you may have after having a good old read of our site.

Kind regards

Elaine Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: Hibernation help!
Posted: 20/10/2008 by daggers13

Many thanks elaine will def pay a visit to the vet with sample and have a good read of site.

thanks again


Re: Hibernation help!
Posted: 22/10/2008 by tortoise7

Hi James Click and drag me down to the editor

I live in Northampton and the nearest vet to me is Bedford. I take my torts to The Scott Vetinary Clinic 01234 261622. The vet Natalie is very good. I am lucky now though as a new vet as arrived at my local surgery who is experienced in torts.
Hope this helps




Re: Hibernation help!
Posted: 23/10/2008 by daggers13

Hi Jane

Thanks for info on vets that is the only one i could find. Not to far for me as dont live that far away. Glad you have one nearer you now i bet northampton to bedford can be a nightmare jorney sometimes!




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