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Help is chicken poo ok?
Posted: 22/06/2013 by AliceRae

Hi, my tort managed to get in with my chickens yesterday and was very keen on eating there poo! Is this ok? They mainly eat layers pellets and corn. Is it a sign she is lacking in something diet wise? any advice would be much appreciated! thanks

Re: Help is chicken poo ok?
Posted: 23/06/2013 by Tom

Hello Alice,
'It' has quite a high calcium content, your tort may be in need of more. Break some cuttlefish bone into pieces & put 1 bit at a time, in a place which it frequents. Discard & replace as needed.
I suggest you have a faecal sample tested tested in about 2 months, by a vet, no worms or worm eggs, no treatment. No need to take the tort.


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