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Limestone & nutrobal
Posted: 29/05/2013 by aleta66

hi everyone, I have a query that I know has been asked before on here,  and am sorry  but I am confused! I have a Hermann tortoise 6mths old who  I have had for 3 weeks now and she appears to be doing well, I got her from a breeder. I had been told by the breeder to give her Nutrobal and limestone flour, I put a tiny bit of each on her food  each day(it is so hard to dose it as it says a pinch per kg and I am concerned I am giving her too much) , but now I have read on here that its not a good idea to give both at same time, does she need limestone flour if she is getting Nutrobal? She also has a small piece of cuttle fish in her enclosure. She is kept indoors and I have her in a table with a combined uvb/uva light which is on approx. 12 hr per day. 

Re: Limestone & nutrobal
Posted: 02/06/2013 by Tom

Hello Aleta,
"A pinch per kg" equates to a minute amount on a feed for a 6mth tort. In early Summer weeds are packed with vitamins & minerals, just a v.v. small amount twice a week will suffice. Put the limestone in a v. small pot so that it can take or leave it. Also put it out in a wooden sided enclosure (easy to knock up) with netting over it. If you have a lawn with weeds in it, your tort will love it in this weather.


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