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Indoor Enclosure
Posted: 29/05/2013 by Katie879

What sort of indoor enclosure did I need for an adult/ older tortoise? I'm looking rescue one. I can find loads of info on hatchling and juvenile indoor enclosures, but not a lot for adults. I'm looking to set up a cold frame in the garden for some protection and heat. What heat do I need?

Re: Indoor Enclosure
Posted: 06/06/2013 by tortoisemom

Hi I expect the reason you cant find much info is because adult tortoises would need a large enclosure which most people would find hard to accommodate inside.  Saying that I have a friend who has turned her entire conservatory into an enclosure so I guess its down to how much space you have available.

 For outdoor you would need a heat source on a thermostat for nights in colder months to stop it getting too cold and a heat lamp for either end of the season to enable them to warm up (you don't need to use anything during summer months).  I wouldn't recommend a cold frame as they are almost impossible to insulate and you don't have the height needed to suspend the lamps, I use a small child's play  shed for my lot to sleep in overnight.


Hope this helps



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