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Just a quick Hello
Posted: 12/05/2013 by MadaboutTerrance

Just found this fantastic site and I love it xx

I have loved Tortoises since I was a little girl as I had two elderly neighbours that kept them. I have a beautiful 3year old Horsefield called Terrence and he is basically the youngest member of our family.

I have two boys that will play with him for hours and always take the time to put him outside in his run and keep his water dish fresh and topped up.

I bought Terrance from a wonderful couple from Kent who had two other tortoises that were bullying him and that was the only reason they had to sell him. I still keep in touch with them with regular photos and updates so they know he is well cared for.

Terrance has the run of the house in the day time as I have laminate flooring and he is even trained to go to the toilet on a kitchen towel lol xxxxx


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