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Need help!
Posted: 10/05/2013 by Alimitch

My hermann tortoise is 7yrs old and I've just taken her to have a check up as she's not eating like normal and she refuses to stay in her tank under the heat lamp. We have just discovered after all this time we have been given false info on what bulbs to use for her.We have not been using bulbs with UVB in them. How much damage will I have done to her? She is well looked after but I need to get a larger tank/pen for her for indoors. Any ideas? She trots around the house whenever she's not basking and in nice weather is out in the garden all day. The vet said she shouldn't eat any fruit or lettuce( like she always has done), just lots of cabbage and veg similar. She doesn't seem to like this. I need help, when my new bulb arrives and she has a new and exciting pen to bask in will this help her appetite. What food should she be having everyday? I need as much advice as anyone can give me as I'm worried about my little friend and feel like I've let her down!

Re: Need help!
Posted: 13/05/2013 by Tom

Hello, A 7yr old tortoise is unlikely to find any indoor pen "exciting." It's good that it has been outside some of the time. I would put it outside as much as possible & with as much room as poss.. A rabbit hutch shaped house with a clear plastic roof, makes a good shelter. Do you know a DIY enthusiast? If it's 'hooked' on lettuce it can take time to wean it off. The vet's diet isn't ideal. Go to the for good advice re. food.


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