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Treat Me As Newbie
Posted: 01/05/2013 by Kilota

Ok, so like everyone else here "I want a Tortoise"

I have never kept one before and am trying to do all my research. I have kept other reptiles ion the past so I fully understand the need for correct heat,light, housing and feed. This I know I can get right by asking questions and reading everything.

My main question is this........housing. I know I need to supply images of this at the time of registering but I am unsure of what my starting set up should be as after all I would not know what size or species of tortoise may become available.

I have indoor space to set up a safe but small enclosure. Outside however it is all paving slabbed, although supping "tufts in trays" would not be an issue to make sure there is grass access. We do have a shed and an outhouse/conservatory.

I would really love any input on hosing so that I can make sure I have everything covered whilst I continue to do my research on the other aspects.

I hope you don't mind me asking but although I can find out everything on-line I find the best places for advise if from those who actually keep the animals in question.

Re: Treat Me As Newbie
Posted: 10/05/2013 by DavidWYork

Hello and welcome to TPG.
I am pleased you are doing research now, and not after acquiring a tortoise. You mention outdoor provision. Is it possible to lift some slabs in the sunniest part of the garden and build your outdoor pen there? That would be the ideal situation as torts love to walk,climb...and dig! This last part, digging, is really important most especially for Horsefield tortoises, which are commonly available. Could you send a photo of the area perhaps and a sketch of proposed way you bwould develop? If you were to be lucky to get a rehomed tortoise, it would not take that long to build a secure area in the sun with part soil base plus plants and suitable shade areas. Take a look at TPG photo gallery...any of these possible?
Let us know your thoughts,and ask questions, hopefully one of us will be able to help. As to species, we each have preferences! I personally favour Testudo graeca ibera (Turkish spur-thighed), as they are quite dark shelled as they mature, and absorb the sun's heat quite quickly.
Keep us updated, and good luck.
Regards, David nr York.


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