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Garden Centre - Nottinghamshire
Posted: 18/04/2013 by chunkdoobiest

Hi Guys,

There is a local garden centre in Nottinghamshire, that currently have 2 tanks set up (They are fish tanks) with Torts in.

One contains Indian stars and red foots, the other Herrman's, Horsefield's and Sulcata's.
The substrate looks to be a sand/soil mix and all the breeds look to be roughly 100mm in length (They are advertised as micro-chipped)

The place is mainly a Garden centre with an aquatics section, but they are now selling Tortoises and turtles.

I don't know enough about Turtles, but I know the Tortoises are not in the right set up, let alone the risk's of mixed species.

Can you advise on what can be done? Thanks

Re: Garden Centre - Nottinghamshire
Posted: 19/04/2013 by Tom

Still waiting for your pics of tort 1st left on top lot of pics.


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