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weight loss
Posted: 09/04/2013 by samrileyfaith

Hi I need a bit of reassurance I bought my horseield tortoise from a reputable pet shop which have recently closed and stuck for where to get my advice from. I bought shelly when she was 18 weeks old, I weighed her when I got her and she was 176g over the last 4 weeks she has lost 14g she's eating and and drinking fine and she lives in a table top indoors 4ft by 2ft in size. Is it normal for her to be losing this much weight so quickly, I've been putting it down to exercise but not sure now. Can anyone give me advice. Thank you Sam  

Re: weight loss
Posted: 10/04/2013 by Tom

Hello, at 176g it's likely to be older than 18wks. I suggest you weigh it daily & let us know the weights in a week. She may have had a full 'gut' at the 1st weigh, & passed faeces & emptied her bladder just before the 2nd weigh. You say it's feeding well - that's good. Not many scales are accurate to the last 5 or 10gms.
The information on this site, is far better than you could get from any pet shop, work your way through it.
Best wishes, Tom

Re: weight loss
Posted: 18/04/2013 by Tom

This weeks weights are...?


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