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Posted: 05/04/2013 by Millie Mollie

I want to buy a tortoise and I want to ensure I buy from a reputable supplier.  Can anyone tell me if they have had any experience with the Japanese Koi Company in Bedford who are advertising tortoises for sale.

As I am new to all this any help/advice gratefully received.  Thank you.

Re: Buying
Posted: 05/04/2013 by Tom

Hello, I'm afraid this site can't comment on individual firms. However, if I wanted to buy a cat or dog, I wouldn't consider buying from a firm which specialised in selling insects. You say you're "new to all this" & would like "help/advice." It's all here on this site, read on & take a few weeks, AT LEAST, to digest it. Only fools buy animals in haste - you're doing the right thing. You can then begin to consider which species to keep, & do you have a suitable garden, etc. Finally, the section titled "Buying a Tortoise" will I'm sure be invaluable to you.
Best wishes,


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